Onidaiko (Demon Drum Dance) Together at Home—Kami-umezu Onidaiko Workshop Recap

Onidaiko, which literally translates as “demon drumming,” is one of Sado Island’s iconic traditional performing arts. It’s an auspicious demon deity dance set to the beat of a taiko drum. For EC 2020, the members of Kami-umezu Oni-gumi led workshops online to teach their local style of Onidaiko. We hope you’ll enjoy this video retrospective of this special opportunity to connect people on Sado Island and around the world through a beloved local folk tradition.

Event Summary

Aug. 22 (Sat) 18:50–19:00 JST (10 mins.)
Participants of the Kami-umezu Onidaiko Workshop
Koki Miura (Kodo)
Special Thanks
Members of Kami-umezu Onidaiko (Sado, Ryotsu area)