Exploring Sado by Bicycle with Eiichi

On his day off, Eiichi will take you on a relaxing bike ride, introducing you to the people and places he encounters along the way. If you like cycling, this route is perfect for a bike ride from Ogi or Osaki. Be prepared to use a lot of gears!

Synopsis of the video (OgiーOsaki)
Join Eiichi as he takes to the Hamochi Cycling road, which is a great place for spotting toki (crested ibises).
He will pass by the Watatsu Shrine gate, Hamochi Osaki and 88 Jizo statues.

Bicycling works up an appetite, so we will be refueling with tasty donuts at Tagayasu-dou and soba noodles at Chobokuri, before continuing on to see the 21 meter-tall Hojobo cherry tree and learn a bit about life on Sado Island at Otaki Gakusha.

Watatsu Shrine
Tagayasu-dou donut shop
Hojobo cherry tree

Synopsis of the video (OsakiーMatsugasaki)
In this video Kodo member Eiichi Saito will take you on the second leg of his ride around his favorite spots of Sado island! You will be meeting the locals while exploring some of Sado’s most wonderful spots!

Heading towards his final destination of Matsugasaki, Eiichi passes by Gosho Shrine and Taro-sugi Park, before stopping for a well-deserved break for (yet more!) donuts at Atarikishariki-dou. He will also take us to see a salt factory that makes salt from deepsea water around Sado!

Gosho Shrine
Atarikishariki-dou donut shop
100% deepsea salt factory

Event Summary

Aug. 22 (Sat)
①16:31–16:41 JST From Ogi to Osaki (10 mins.)
②20:10–20:20 JST From Osaki to Matsugasaki (10 mins.)
Eiichi Saito