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Enjoy Past ECs Through our Video Library

For long-time EC fans, the EC Archives promises to take you back to the hilltop Shiroyama Concerts of yesteryear. We’ve also added concert footage from the new-look Harbour Market Concerts and past promotional videos. Certain videos are only available to view for a limited time, so check them out while you can. Take a trip down memory lane, or discover the EC magic you’ve missed to date!

Available to view for a limited time only!

“Wadatsumi No Ki” EC 2018~ Amami Night -The Echo of the Island (Steaming Ended)

A special collaboration between vocalist Chitose Hajime and Kodo performing “Wadatsumi No Ki.”
This footage is from Earth Celebration 2018 concert “Amami Night —The Echo of the Island.”
Chitose Hajime is a renowned female singer from Japan. Watch her unique vocal sound and stage presence fill the summer night sky on Sado Island.

“O-Daiko” by Tomohiro Mitome EC 2019/Kodo All-Star Special Performance[Full ver.](Steaming Ended)
Watch O-daiko, the big-drum climax of EC 2019 "Kodo All-Star Special Performance,” performed by Tomohiro Mitome. This video includes rare camera angles to show you views you can’t usually see from the audience.

Shiroyama Concerts, EC Documentaries and more

For 27 years from 1988 until 2015, Shiroyama Park located on a small hill overlooking the sea was the main concert venue for Earth Celebration. The "Shiroyama Concert" was a scene of overflowing excitement where guests from all over the world came to join the excitement, and also where there were many challenges with the unpredictable weather during the summer seasons.
Check out some of the historical EC footage from the past!

  • EC 1988 Inaugural EC "Kodo Village Opening Memorial Concert"

  • EC 1988 Inaugural EC “The Drummers of Burundi”

  • EC 1992 Kodo Special Fringe

  • EC 1993 Documentary

  • EC 1994 Documentary

  • EC 1997 EC 10th Anniversary

  • EC 1998 Shiroyama Concert

  • EC 1998 Evening Concert

  • EC 1999 Shiroyama Concert

  • EC 2000 Shiroyama Concert

  • EC 2003 Shiroyama Concert

  • EC 2004 Shiroyama Concert

  • EC 2015 Shiroyama Concert

Harbour Market Concert Videos

From 2017, the main EC concert venue moved to Ogi Port Park, bringing even more energy to the festival’s bustling marketplace—Harbour Market. The video clips below are a selection of exciting scenes from the EC 2017–2018 Harbour Market Concerts. Enjoy them all!

  • EC 2017 “Kodo x Tetsuya Kajiwara x BRAHMAN”

  • EC 2018 Meguru from “Kodo Dance Night —CHAKKA FES—”

EC Promotional Videos

These are a collection of videos introducing EC including voices of Kodo members and festival-goers. We hope that the footage allows you to feel the EC atmosphere, especially for those who have not yet experienced the festival before!

  • EC 2011 Promotional Video

  • EC 2014 Promotional Video

  • EC 2018 Promotional Video