On the final day of the festival, we want everyone to feel the deep connections EC fosters every year—as we celebrate the Earth together, united through Kodo and taiko on Sado Island. We’ll present new video collaborations between Kodo and previous EC guest artists, rekindling bonds and introducing old friends to new friends. We’ll also be hosting the world premiere of a documentary about “NOVA,” Kodo’s latest international collaboration with Robert Lepage and Ex Machina. No EC is complete without a grand finale that gets everyone on their feet—don’t miss the livestream of the main event of EC 2020: the “Kodo All-Star Special Performance,” featuring the entire Kodo ensemble!

Event Summary

Aug. 23 (Sun) 14:00ー21:00 JST*
*Japan Standard Time / GMT +9
Free to view live on the Official EC YouTube Channel
14:00 Welcome Remarks
14:06 (60 mins.) Kodo & Robert Lepage “NOVA” Documentary
15:10 (12 mins.) Kodo One Earth Music Around the World
15:34 (25 mins.) EC Archives—The Early Days
16:06 (35 mins.) Online Collaborations Featuring Kodo with EC Guest Artists
17:00 (90 mins.) Kodo All-Star Special Performance [Live Broadcast]
18:35 (30 mins.) A Stroll Around Ogi (30 mins.)
19:13 (70 mins.) Heart Beat Radio Live—Evening Show [Live Broadcast]
20:30 (30 mins.) Heartfelt Thank You with Taiko [Live Broadcast]

● The programme will consist of live and pre-recorded content.
● Please note that all starting times are in JST (Japan Standard Time)