EC Site Renewal plus Online Market Now Open!

In preparation for this weekend’s live-stream event, we have renewed our homepage, now with a new-look! We have also opened our first ever EC Online Market!

We have also compiled past EC footage into our video Library and added new videos covering Sado's Traditional Performing Arts and charms Sado Island.

The Online Exhibition: “Living, Learning, and Creating 2020” will also be opened on Au. 21 (Fri) so be sure to check it out!

Only 4 more days until EC 2020. Please enjoy exploring our website in the meantime!

EC Online Market Now Open!

This year, enjoy browsing through our festival marketplace online!
The 26-stall lineup (7 food stalls, 9 craft stalls) includes familiar favorites from our annual onsite Harbour Market and new shops joining us for the first time.

Enjoy Past ECs Through our Video Library

For long-time EC fans, the EC Archives promise to take you back to the hilltop Shiroyama Concerts of yesteryear. We’ve also added concert footage from the new-look Harbour Market Concerts and past promotional videos. Take a trip down memory lane, or discover the EC magic you’ve missed to date!